I Love New Yoku Bath Light - Crown Frog


These aren't just any rubber frogs, they're glowing, floating rubber frogs. Plus, they have crowns, so they are Prince Frog!

These "I Love New Yoku" frogs (sounds like "I love New York," but New Yoku (nyuyoku) in Japanese also means bathing) have LED lights embedded in them that make them glow in dimly lit relaxing bath rooms.

The water sensor on the bottom automatically activates the LED light when your prince frog jumps into the bath with you.

A great gift idea for those who enjoy taking baths, who have hard time getting kids into the bath, or who want to host an awesome pool party!

Color Choice: Light Green, Green, Dark Green 

Dimension: W4.2cm x H5.6cm x D5.4cm

* Two button cell batteries and an LED bulb included.