Sorry Gee Angel Single Blind Box - Various Series - Store Pickup


An angelic boy having wings on his back who transforms himself with various expressions. Each looks different, but they are all the same person, Gee. Why is he called “Sorry Angel”? Because Gee loves playing tricks and he apologizes when scolded by saying, "Sorry". He says "Sorry" so often, he has become known as Gee Sorry. But we don’t think he is sincere. Still, no one can stay mad at him because of his charming personality. Plus, Gee can move his head and arms around. He will say "Sorry" if his movement freaks you out!

Each Gee Sorry Angel doll comes in its own blind-box, so you never know which doll you will receive! 


Dimension: approximately W50 × H75 × D30 / mm 

Recommended Ages: 3 and up

Due to the blind box design, this product cannot be returned or exchanged once it's open.