Flower Birds & OM Birds

Parrot made from flowers © Red Hong Yi

Summer is the time for flowers to bloom and birds to sing. Malaysian artist Red Hong Yi has created this amazing series of birds made from flower. 

Flamingos made from pink gerbera petals and twigs © Red Hong Yi


Peacock made from gerberas and butterfly pea flowers © Red Hong Yi

Rooster made from gerberas and leaves © Red Hong Yi

Kingfisher made from gerberas, butterfly peas and purple shamrocks © Red Hong Yi


Two pink gerberas and a flamingo made from pink gerberas and twigs © Red Hong Yi

Peacock made of butterfly pea flowers, bottlebrush leaves, coconut leaf sticks, allamandas/trumpet flowers © Red Hong Yi

Pink Parrot with Feather in our New Arrivals @$7.99


Red Parrot in our New Arrivals @$5.99


We hope you enjoy these beautiful flower birds and your wonderful summer!





July 11, 2013 by Owl Monkeys
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